DINGMANTICS #38: The Whinging of the Trees (w/ Kate Greathead)

International corporate scandal.  OK Cupid love poems.  An elegy for Philip Seymour Hoffman.  A marvelous story from Moth-winning storyteller Kate Greathead.  And the whinging-oh, the whinging-of the trees.

Kate Greathead is a writer and a storyteller.  A four-time Moth Story Slam champion, her work has appeared or is forthcoming on NPR’s Moth Radio Hour, The Hairpin, and her college newspaper. She lives in Brooklyn. 

Jim O’Grady: Dogs in Capes

Jim O’Grady (This American Life, Studio 360) tells a story about making an unexpected connection with his family history at a high school track meet.

Micaela Blei: The Prettiest Troll

Micaela Blei (The Moth, Story Collider) performed this lovely piece about seeking beauty in Calabria, Italy at last week’s Dingmantics Live.  

Thanks to everyone who came out to our first run of live shows—we’ll be back with more in February!  In the meantime, look forward to lots more great stories on the podcast.

Matt Mercier: Japanese Hair Product

Matt Mercier (The Moth, RISK!) had no shortage of weird experiences during his stint as the manager of the Route 66 Youth Hostel in Albuquerque.  The strangest of all, however, occurred the night a Japanese film crew checked in to Room 8.

Don’t forget to join us this Thursday, December 5th, for the next installment of Dingmantics Live, where Matt told this story.  Tix just $5!

DINGMANTICS #37: A Brush With Fame

An excerpt from The Taxi Tapes, my solo show about being a cab driver in New York.  In this clip, I nearly kill a famous television personality with my taxi.

DINGMANTICS #36: Daq Night (live)

A live rendition of an infamous and unfortunate story about a Philadelphia evening that began with lofty ambitions and ended, almost literally, in the gutter.

Bradford Jordan: Arabian Majesty

Another recording from the inaugural edition of Dingmantics Live!  Bradford Jordan returns to the podcast with his story of the Thacher School’s attempt to tame his inner wild animal.

Also: our second show is tomorrow at 7pm at the Tank Theater!  The theme is “Gatherings,” so bring forth your stories of holidays and parties gone awry, claustrophobic freakouts, unfortunate incidents at parades, etc.

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DINGMANTICS #35: Sandra From Avenue Z (live)

I performed a piece at my office talent show recently, and it ended up being kind of a cool reminder of why storytelling is such a vital medium.  This piece is about my days as a taxi driver, and a memorable occasion when I drove a normal-seeming couple into the dark heart of Brooklyn.

Leslie Goshko: This Is Not OK

Leslie Goshko (Huffington Post, Sirius XM, WNYC) realizes she’s not in Tulsa anymore during a fateful visit to Bryant Park.

Leslie is the host and creator of the monthly storytelling series, Sideshow Goshko, which has been hailed as a Time Out New York ”Critics’ Pick” and “a well-programmed night” by The New York Times.  She is a contributing blogger for the Huffington Posta Manhattan Monologue Slam Champion, and her stories and comedy writing have been featured on Sirius XM, WNYC, and New York Metro’s “Funny Page.”  Thanks to the support of many internet voters, she once performed with the cast of Hairspray on Broadway.

You can catch Sideshow Goshko this very Thursday, 10/24 at the KGB Bar, and you can also check it out at the Second Annual Gotham Storytelling Festival. Tix available HERE. 

Nathaniel Bates: Henry Huggins

Nathaniel Bates (Moth GrandSlam, RISK!) told this story about the unexpected outcome of a particularly deviant winter at the Dingmantics Live show.  Check him out in SoloCom at the PIT on November 10th!