New Website Alert →

I’ve moved my site to WALT.FM!

The Best Cab Fare I Ever Received →

Very excited to have my Sandra from Avenue Z story featured on Nerve today. Click through for a harrowing tale of South Brooklyn’s ghoulish mysteries…

Dingmantics 39: A Type of Serenity (w/ Marshall Crook)

Marshall Crook travels alone to a remote cabin in Maine with nothing but his typewriter and a hefty stash of booze in an attempt to find himself. Your host stages a hostile invasion of his own office. An avian verb surfaces in an unexpected location.

ADAM WADE: “Debbie”

Adam Wade (The Moth Radio Hour, Snap Judgement) tells the story of his childhood friend Debbie, who helped him keep a closely-guarded secret.

Adam is an 18-time winner of the Moth Story Slam and a 2-time winner of the Moth Grand Slam. He’s been featured on The Moth Radio Hour, Snap Judgement, All Things Considered, the New York Times, and Time Out New York. Currently, he’s blogging about the meals his sweet Italian landlady cooks him at Sundays With Marie.

DINGMANTICS #38: The Whinging of the Trees (w/ Kate Greathead)

International corporate scandal.  OK Cupid love poems.  An elegy for Philip Seymour Hoffman.  A marvelous story from Moth-winning storyteller Kate Greathead.  And the whinging-oh, the whinging-of the trees.

Kate Greathead is a writer and a storyteller.  A four-time Moth Story Slam champion, her work has appeared or is forthcoming on NPR’s Moth Radio Hour, The Hairpin, and her college newspaper. She lives in Brooklyn. 

Jim O’Grady: Dogs in Capes

Jim O’Grady (This American Life, Studio 360) tells a story about making an unexpected connection with his family history at a high school track meet.

Micaela Blei: The Prettiest Troll

Micaela Blei (The Moth, Story Collider) performed this lovely piece about seeking beauty in Calabria, Italy at last week’s Dingmantics Live.  

Thanks to everyone who came out to our first run of live shows—we’ll be back with more in February!  In the meantime, look forward to lots more great stories on the podcast.

Matt Mercier: Japanese Hair Product

Matt Mercier (The Moth, RISK!) had no shortage of weird experiences during his stint as the manager of the Route 66 Youth Hostel in Albuquerque.  The strangest of all, however, occurred the night a Japanese film crew checked in to Room 8.

Don’t forget to join us this Thursday, December 5th, for the next installment of Dingmantics Live, where Matt told this story.  Tix just $5!

DINGMANTICS #37: A Brush With Fame

An excerpt from The Taxi Tapes, my solo show about being a cab driver in New York.  In this clip, I nearly kill a famous television personality with my taxi.

DINGMANTICS #36: Daq Night (live)

A live rendition of an infamous and unfortunate story about a Philadelphia evening that began with lofty ambitions and ended, almost literally, in the gutter.